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Congratulations to both the grade 8 boys and girls basketball teams who won the divisional basketball title this past weekend.  The grade 8 MAGIC girls overpowered Roblin 8's 63-13 then outplayed Ochre River in the final 50-17.  The boys beat Gilbert Plains 86-17 then outmatched Roblin 8's  71-29.




Five teams represented MacKenzie Middle School at the grade 6/7 Divisional tournament yesterday in Roblin.  All teams played very well and represented our school well on the court.


The MacKenzie Magic grade 6 girls finished 3rd in their pool after losses to Ochre River and Grandview. The MacKenzie Magic grade 7 girls finished 1st in their pool after defeating Roblin 40-19 and Gilbert Plains 17-4.  This qualified the grade 7 girls for the championship game where they played Grandview.  The Magic grade 7 girls prevailed in a close matchup by a score of 29-26.


The MacKenzie Magic Black grade 6 boys team opened their tournament by losing a close match to their fellow MMS grade 6 Blue team by a score of 27-23.  The Magic Black boys then faced Roblin in the semi-final on the consolation side where they lost a very close game by a score of 31-29.  The Magic Blue faced the MacKenzie Magic grade 7 boys in their next game and came up short.  This placed the Magic Blue in the consolation final where they won a thriller over Roblin by a score of 35-34. The grade 7 boys followed up their win over the Grade 6 Magic Blue by matching up against Grandview in the championship game.  The game was back and forth through three quarters of play, but in the fourth quarter the Magic pulled away and won by a score of 33-24.


Congratulations to our grade 7 boys and girls teams on winning the MVSD divisional championships!



This past weekend saw 8 teams battle for the title in the Magic Classic 10 basketball tournament.  The grade 7 boys lost their first game to Swan River 8's then lost a close game to Neepawa.  In the their last game the 7's came up short against Grandview 8's in overtime.  The grade 8 boys won their first game against Grandview 8 then lost a close game to The Pas.  In the 3rd place game the boys lost a nail biter in overtime losing to Yorkdale by 2 points to finish the tourney in 4th place.  The MacDonald's Hungriest player of the game awards from the Magic went to Marty McKay, Cody Adcock, Joseph Lopez, Zerek Menard, Damian Raymond and Cody McKay.


Please see attached for 2018 Grade 8 Divisionals schedule for Saturday, March 10th (see below)





This past weekend saw three Magic teams travel to Swan River for a basketball tourney. The grade 8 boys started the tourney strong beating Roblin 70-22, Swan River 38-32 and 36-28 over Minitonas. The boys lost a close game to The Pas to finish the tournament in 2nd place. The grade 7 girls won the first game of the tourney against Roblin 8’s 24-10 then lost to Minitonis and a close game to Camperville. In their final game the 7’s lost 26-14 to The Pas. The grade 8 girls improved their season schedule to 13 wins and 1 loss as they went undefeated all tournament beating Swan River 38-12, The Pas 38-14 and Grandview 35-10. In the championship final the 8’s outplayed Camperville winning 37-15.






This past weekend saw 8 girls teams battle for the title at the MACCKENZIE MAGIC BASKETBALL CLASSIC 10. The grade 7 girls started the Classic with a 26-24 win over Minnedosa. In their semi final game the 7’s lost 43-2 to Yorkdale then lost a close game to Grandview 8 to finish 4th. The grade 8 girls beat Ochre River 47-19 to start the tourney . In the semi-final game the 8’s overpowered Grandview 34-8. In the championship final the grade 8 girls won a tough battle 36-35 over Yorkdale to claim first place. The McDonald’s hungriest player of the game awards went to Dalmarie Lavallee, Calista Hudyma, and Maddie Amyotte. Tournament MVP was Calista Hudyma.






This past weekend saw both grade 7 and grade 8 girls travel to Neepawa. Congratulations to both teams who played very well and did a great job representing MMS. The grade 7 girls won their first game against Carberry 28-26 then lost to Neepawa 3 38-17. The grade 8 Magic girls went undefeated beating Neepawa 1 69-2, then Neepawa 2 55-4. In the championship game the grade 8’s overpowered Neepawa 3 55-14 to win the championship.






On January 13th the grade 7 and grade 8 girls basketball teams travelled to Yorkton for their invitational basketball tournament. The grade 7 girls lost their first game to Yorkdale Blue and then lost a second game to Langeburg. In their final game the Magic girls beat Yorkdale Yellow. The grade 8 girls had the best outing in school history at the invitational by claiming second place. The girls started strong beating Sturgis in the opening game. The girls then went on to beat St Paul’s in the semi-final which put them in the championship final. In the final the 8’s lost a tough battle against Yorkdale Blue to finish the tournament in second place.








The grade 7 and grade 8 Magic boys travelled to Yorkton this past weekend for the Royal invitational. The grade 7 boys lost their opening game to Yorkdale and then lost to Sturgis. In their final game the Magic boys beat St Al’s 39-29. The grade 8 boys lost their first game to Langeburg 55-23. In the second game the boys bounced back to beat St Al’s 46-37 then won 36-31 over Sturgis in the consolation final to place 5th.
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Gr. 7/8 Magic Classic 11 Basketball - January 26th, 2019

Congratulations to the grade 7 & 8 Magic boys and girls basketball teams who played well at the Magic Classic this weekend.  The grade 7 girls and boys teams played hard and had some close games.  The grade 8 boys placed second after a close loss to Grandview, then beating Neepawa and MMS 7.  The grade 8 girls went undefeated by beating Neepawa, Grandview and MMS 7's to win the championship.  Girls tournament MVP was Tazz Genik.  Congratulations to all!!

Congratulations to the Grade 8 basketball girls for their tournament win in Minnedosa on Saturday, February 23rd! They showed teamwork and determination while playing hard to pull out wins against Grandview, Ochre River and Minnedosa (24-21) in the finals.