Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements 
Friday, October 15th Day 1

Intramural Eclipse ball    Grade 7 Crush vs Dig                      Grade 8 Eclipse ballers vs Big Swing 

MMS curling will be beginning Oct 19. All abilities are welcome. Students can sign up as a single, pair, three, or a team of 4.  Registration forms are available in the office.  Please have completed registration forms into Mr. Todoruk or the office by Oct. 18.   


There will be a lunch meeting for the Grade 7 Girls Volleyball team today at 11:50 in the Tech Ed classroom.  Please bring your lunch.  
The Grade 7 Girls Volleyball team needs to be dressed and ready to go for 5:15 pm today  

Mom’s Pantry is under way. This is the last weekend to sell Mom’s Pantry to family and friends!  Remember online purchasing is a great option.  Top selling grade level (per capita) will receive a pizza party (for those who sold product). If writing a cheque, please be sure it is written to MMS or Mackenzie Middle School. 


Top Ten Sellers    

6-10th place - each receive $75.00 gift card to the location of their choice. 

4-5th place - each receive $100.00 gift card to location of their choice. 

3rd place - $150.00 Visa Gift Card 

2nd place - $200.00 Visa Gift Card 

1st place - $300.00 Visa Gift Card 


-Top online sales $100.00 Gift Card to location of their choice 


Students selling $175.00 or more receive a free MMS T-shirt 


Mom’s Pantry ends this Wednesday, Oct 20th.  All forms must be brought in, whether sold or unsold.  Thank you to all those students and parents who are going above and beyond to help reach our goal!! 


School wide Incentive: If the school reaches $85000.00 in sales, Mr. Wood will dye his hair MMS magic Blue and shave the MMS logo into the back of his hair.  We appreciate you helping us reach our goal!! 


This year Mackenzie Middle School is proud to announce that we will be partnering with long time local business, Parkland Source for Sports to offer online school apparel & accessories.  Parkland Source for Sports will handle all sizing requirements and will be the location for order pickup.   


All orders will be placed through the following address: MMS2021.ITEMORDER.COM 

******Please note that you do not need to add the www to the address. ***** 



Start Date:              Immediately 

Closing Date:          Monday, November 1st , 2021 


Check out the clothing!  Great Christmas Gift ideas!!