Daily Announcements

Monday, April 12, Day 6 

Cohort sport badminton will be starting Monday, April 12th sign up with your homeroom teacher today.  Cohort sport 3 vs 3 basketball will continue this all this week.

 Congratulations to Annalee Serwa for her first place performance in the International Clarinet Association’s “Clareidescope” competition. This is an international performance competition and we should all be very proud of Annalee’s accomplishment and outstanding representation of our community and school! 

Due to bus cancellations, the deadline for instrument change applications is extended to Tuesday.

We are pleased to announce that the online store will remain open until Monday, April 19th for those who may have missed the first opportunity to purchase school clothing

For sizing, please go to Parkland Source for Sports.


All orders will be placed through the following address: MMS2021.ITEMORDER.COM

******Please note that you do not need to add the www to the address. *****