Daily Announcements

Tuesday, May 18, Day 1 

  • Starting Monday, May 17th, scooters will no longer be allowed in the building.   We are in the process of installing a rack outside to secure scooters.  We will let students know when this is completed.   

  • All band classes are advised to dress for the weather for their band classes as rehearsals will be conducted outdoors (weather permitting). 

  • Just a reminder for students that the lunch hour expectations have not changed.  All town students must either stay at school for lunch or go home.  Students should not be wandering around town during the noon hour.  Bus students are expected to stay on school property as well. 
  • Students are reminded that due to safety concerns, there are to be no footballs, volleyballs or soccer balls on the west side of the school during lunch.
  • Students are reminded to use the appropriate exits at the end of the school day.  Grade 7 students should be leaving through the East door and not through the grade 8 west doors.  The protocol is in place to minimize contact between grade level cohort.