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Field Trip Guidelines

  1. Teacher must submit a roll call list (Manifest) at the time of boarding for drivers for each field trip. Roll call must include pertinent medical information on all students. Parents need to give written notice to bus driver and teacher of any student not returning on any given trip. {Unless prior arrangements are made all students and supervisors will be delivered back to the point of departure.} {Note: A field trip can be refused by driver if Manifest is not provided}.

  2. Bus Drivers should introduce themselves to supervisors and review the responsibilities of:
    a) Bus Drivers
    b) Supervisors (Return Time)
    c) Students

  3. Supervisors should introduce bus drivers to students and review expectations of students on field trips.

  4. Supervisors if need be, should sit with students to better fulfill their duties as supervisors.

  5. Behavior of students is the responsibility of the supervisor. If necessary bus driver should make supervisor aware of areas of concern in misbehavior by students. {The driver is still in charge and may implement safe ridership as required.}

  6. Bus driver needs to consult with supervisor on student behavior. If after consultation with the supervisor the bus driver believes the student behaviour is such that it jeopardizes the safety of students he/she may stop the bus and call the Transportation Supervisor and/or Supervisor of Operations for advise whether or not to end the field trip.

  7. Picture taking with flash is not allowed while bus is in motion.

  8. It is recommended there be at least 1 supervisor for every 20 students. The Transportation Supervisor may make allowances in special circumstances.

  9. Small tools taken on field trips used for digging for fossils should be secured in bags. As well as any samples taken should be secured in bags.
  10. Bus Drivers are not obligated to remain on the bus during tours or meal breaks to provide supervision of students for disciplinary measures.

  11. All bus drivers and supervisors must try and be consistent with School Board Policy. Swearing, sunflower seeds, gum, excessive noise or moving around while bus is in motion will not be permitted.

  12. Blade guards must be on all skates. Equipment must be placed in the under storage compartments when bus with storage is provided.

  13. The bus aisle and emergency door must not be blocked under any circumstance.

  14. Cell phones should not be used by bus drivers while driving. If it is necessary a bus driver must pull over to a safe place and use the cell phone.