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About Us

MMS Motto

   M             A              G              I                C


Motivate, Achieve, Guide, Inspire, Challenge


Mission Statement
“At MMS, it is our mission to create a safe and caring learning environment that fosters success through mindful citizenship.”

In order for MMS to meet its mission statement, it will:
  • provide a safe and caring learning environment.
  • develop curriculum mastery skills in ELA & Math.
  • increase student participation in learning activities.
  • promote independent learning skills in school /home 
  • increase opportunities for student success.
  • support the development of responsible student behaviour and self-discipline while utilizing positive reinforcement and building self-esteem.
  • ensure professional staff has improved resources to facilitate instructional variety and diversity in providing learning experiences for its students.
  • support learning by integrating technology.
  • improve communication to effectively inform parents, community, and division about the high quality education provided by the school.
  • increase parental involvement and support to students and staff.
  • encourage cooperative efforts involving parents and community to foster positive attitudes toward learning.
  • enhance the opportunities for students to learn about the rich culture and contributions of the Aboriginal people to our community, province, and country.
  • improve and effectively utilize the school complex in providing services to the students.

At Mackenzie Middle School, We Believe...
  1. The school has a responsibility to promote the positive values of our society such as respect for self and others, truth and honesty, empathy, responsibility, self discipline, perseverance and tolerance.
  2. Students have individual cultural and linguistic uniqueness. Individuals are a unique combination of personal characteristics subject to different environmental influences.
  3. Students differ in their interests, personal goals, past experiences, levels of skills and knowledge, rate of learning, and learning styles.
  4. Students can experience success by working to the best of their ability and completing all assigned tasks.
  5. To meet the challenge of the future, we must encourage students to value and pursue learning now and as a life long quest.
  6. Mackenzie Middle School is committed to assisting individuals in becoming informed citizens
  7. and works to assist students in becoming wise decision-makers who take responsibility for their own choices and actions.
  8. Cooperative efforts will improve students’ success.