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Band Program

Band Uniforms

 We wish to extend a huge thank you to the Dauphin Ochre Band Parents Organization.
The royal blue ties needed for concert-wear will be provided for all students free of charge.
This is but one of the many benefits we reap from the hard work of this group.

Band Parents, please mark on your calendar the DOBPO Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 9th, 7:00 pm @ the DRCSS multi-purpose room.

If you have any questions about our parent organization and how you can contribute and how you can most benefit from their efforts please email one of our band teachers at or


“Please visit our website at for more information!”

October Update
Band UPDATE February 7, 2019
  • Safeway Gift Cards

We’d like to let everyone know that we still have $8,000 of Safeway Gift Cards remaining, available at Scotiabank, if you’d like an easy way to fundraise for your child’s band trips! Simply stop into Scotiabank, leave your child’s name with them, and purchase the gift cards. These gift cards are in $100 denominations, and 6% of their value goes directly to your student’s account, which you can then use to pay for band trips. You are free to use these giftcards yourself or resell them to whoever you’d like. Furthermore, anyone can purchase these gift cards and produce a 6% return for your child as long as they leave their name with Scotiabank, so relatives can help you fundraise as well. If you already shop at Safeway, this is a pain-free way to raise some money over time for your child.


  • Parkland NorMan Honour Band – Thursday March 7th- Saturday March 9th

Permission forms for Honour Band for Grade 7s and 8s are going home no later than February 7th. The honour band is structured like a day camp, and participants from all over Northern Manitoba and the Parkland go to the United Church for high-quality workshops with some of our province’s most effective band teachers and group lessons with university music students for technique and musicianship. They finish with a Saturday concert at the DRCSS. This event is incredibly beneficial to all students, and despite being called an “honour band”, there is no audition for this and there is no skill requirement – in the past, most students who are available attend, and some of the schools who travel for this consider this their major trip of the year, bringing a large portion of their students as well. I recommend that every band student attend this event, as it presents great value for money and is a hugely beneficial experience for their development. I encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your child when they bring the form home!