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At MMS, it is our mission to create a safe and caring learning environment that fosters success through mindful citizenship.

News & Announcements

Safeway Gift Cards Still Available for Band Student Accounts

We’d like to let everyone know that we still have $8,000 of Safeway Gift Cards remaining, available at Scotiabank, if you’d like an easy way to fundraise for your child’s band trips! Simply stop into Scotiabank, leave your child’s name with them, and purchase the gift cards. These gift cards are in $100 denominations, and 6% of their value goes directly to your student’s account, which you can then use to pay for band trips. You are free to use these giftcards yourself or resell them to whoever you’d like. Furthermore, anyone can purchase these gift cards and produce a 6% return for your child as long as they leave their name with Scotiabank, so relatives can help you fundraise as well. If you already shop at Safeway, this is a pain-free way to raise some money over time for your child.

Online Safety Is Important To Students

Let’s bridge the gap between school and home to ensure students are staying safe online, no matter where they are. Click on the above link to follow the guidelines for educators, parents/guardians to do their part in creating a safer internet for all.
Perogie and Sausage Lunch

Perogy Lunch Fundraiser

There will be a perogy and sausage sale on Friday, January 25th. Pre-orders must be in to the homeroom teacher by Monday, Jan 21st first thing in the morning. Perogy plates will be sold for $5.00.

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