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Principal's Message

 As we begin the 2018-2019 school year we once again anticipate another year of excitement and growth within our middle school.  This will be our second year with the grade 6 students, and we look forward to another busy school year.  Our opening day for the Grade 6 students was another big success, our new students were able to spend a full day in their new school and become more familiar with their new classrooms, and the staff that they will be working with.  Our current enrolment has now exceeded 400 students, and our classrooms are reaching full capacity.


We are scheduled for another phase of renovation next spring, this phase will be focused on the exterior areas of the east wing of the school as well as some upgrading to classrooms.  All reports so far indicate that the construction will not cause any interference or interruption to our current schedule.


We are proud to be part of Mackenzie Middle School.  We are a triple-track language program  (English – French Immersion – Ukrainian Bilingual) with a full complement of technical education (Tech Ed/Home Ec), as well as very successful band and art programs.  We will be posting our new mission statement in the near future, as we feel with all the changes to the building, we also need to review our direction as a school community. 


Mr. D. Anderson

Principal of MMS