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At MMS, it is our mission to create a safe and caring learning environment that fosters success through mindful citizenship.

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MMS Awards

MMS will be having our Awards Day on Wednesday, June 26th at 10:00. Please click on link to see all the details.
Robb Nash Concert

Robb Nash Presentation

Robb Nash Event – April 25th On Thursday at the Robb Nash event we had a really cool thing happen for one of our students.  Robb asked the crowd if anyone knew someone who could sing.  Our students being in the front row starting yelling out Ali, Ali, Ali.  So after some nudging Aaliyah Quemada proceeded up on the stage.  Robb then asked if it was okay if she sang “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele for the crowd, Allie obliged.  They completed an abbreviated version of the song, and after a thunderous applause Robb Nash commented “I think you have more fans here than I do.”  She was just about to leave the stage when Robb stopped her and said "come back, I have something for you." He then pulled out a sharpie marker and autographed the guitar he was using and gifted it to Allie.   This event involved a lot of sensitive information around suicide prevention and making positive choices. For more information on Robb Nash check out his website:

Online Safety Is Important To Students

Let’s bridge the gap between school and home to ensure students are staying safe online, no matter where they are. Click on the above link to follow the guidelines for educators, parents/guardians to do their part in creating a safer internet for all.

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