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Daily Announcements

Friday October 18, Day 1       


  • This is the last weekend to sell Mom's Pantry to family and friends.  Please remember ALL FORMS, whether sold or unsold, need to be returned this Monday, October 21st.  Thank you to all students and parents for your continued support with Mom's Pantry.


  • The Mackenzie Middle School clothing website is now open for online orders.  The site will remain open until Nov 3rd.  Please use the following link: https://tom.balticathletics.com/

     The password is case sensitive and unchanged from previous years: MAGIC

  • Grade 6 intramural quarter final Ball-Der-Dash vs Ball of Duty
  • Parent Advisory Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 22nd, 7 p.m. in the Common Area
    All parents are welcome to attend.

  • Scholastic book orders for October must be into Mrs. Eiffert by Monday, October 21. Any late orders will be added to Novembers.

  • Grade 8 boys have an exhibition game next Tuesday 3:45 vs grade 9’s at the DRCSS gymnasium.

  • The bus for the grade 8 boys, grade 8 girls, and grade 7 girls’ volleyball teams travelling to Yorkton this weekend will leave MMS at 6:45 players are to be at MMS for 6:30.  Players to bring a bag lunch and/or money for canteen and a stop for supper.  All games will be played at MC Knoll Gymnasium, 387 Darlington St East.

  • Come out support your grade 6 MAGIC volleyball teams as they battle in the Grade 6 Magic Volleyball Challenge this Friday at MMS.  Players are to get schedules from coaches, a schedule will also be posted outside of the gym.

  • There will be a student council meeting in 6 Lenius at 11:20 today Friday, October 18th.

  • Just a reminder that there will be absolutely no snowball throwing on or around MMS property.  Failure to follow this simple request will result in a loss of noon hour privileges.
  • This year MMS is changing things up.  Instead of a contest putting class against class for total Mom’s Pantry sales, we are going to have a grade VS grade challenge.  So, we will take the total sales from each grade and do some math to determine how much each grade sold per student.   The winning grade will get a free pizza party!!!!  The only catch is that in order to participate, you must hand in one completed order form.  There is no minimum sale amount.  So get out and support your grade and see if you will be part of a winning team.


  • Co-op would like our students to know that they have a new policy of only allowing 10 students into the store at one time.
  • Our picture day is this Tuesday starting at 9:00 a.m.  Be sure you have taken home your picture package your teacher has given you.  All students and staff  will have their picture taken.